Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ripe for a smoking cessation product

Ripe for a smoking cessation productTwo-thirds of regular smokers have tried to quit and failed. Furthermore, nearly 40% of these smokers have tried to quit more than four times but failed every time. Everyone knows quitting smoking is hard to do, but many people do not realize how hard it actually is. The majority of current smokers have tried to quit, but they haven't been successful.

The overwhelming majority of adults who successfully quit smoking (74%) said they did so by going cold turkey and just stopping the habit. Another 8% reported using nicotine replacement products such as the patch or gum to quit. Six percent successfully quit by slowing cutting back on cigarettes, and just 4% said they quit with the help of an oral prescription medication.

This research points to cold turkey as the most successful way to quit smoking, but cold turkey is also smokers’ most commonly attempted method for quitting. 81% of people who quit or attempted to quit tried going cold turkey. Only 21% attempted to quit using a nicotine patch, while only 16% tried nicotine gum.

Manufacturers need to find new creative ways to get more people to try their nicotine replacement products. The market is definitely ripe for a smoking cessation product or method that helps people learn to live without cigarettes for the long term.

Nearly one in five Americans (28%) smokes cigarettes, despite health warnings, rising cigarette prices and local anti-smoking laws. Cigarettes and tobacco products accounted for over $103 billion in sales last year, while smoking cessation products only pulled in $536 million.