Monday, December 21, 2009

Powerful Video Documentary: Nicotine Addiction Result

It seems that health aspects of smoking and nicotine addiction rarely can help smoker to feel real desire to quit this video can help you if you are in need to feel a shock and some understanding of what the nicotine addiction is in reality.

Monday, December 7, 2009

2 Things to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Successfully

2 Things to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey SuccessfullyTo quit smoking successfully smoker are in need of only two things to succeed. The first one is understanding that smoking can't give any positive effect to smoker. Educate yourself to understand that smoking will never relax you or help you to concentrate. If you miss this first point there are tons of chances that you will go back to smoking routine sooner or later after your quit smoking attempt. It is very hard for human being to refrain from something useful, so if you think that smoking helps you in any way, it is the direct way to relapse, even if your desire to quit smoking is strong enough. Remember that if you think that if you think that smoking is somewhat enjoyable process, you have zero chances to quit smoking for good.

The second thing you need to successfully quit smoking cold turkey is some little tricks that help to battle with nicotine cravings. There are tons of them online and here are some helpful tricks that will help. Begin your quitting smoking process on the weekend or whatever days you free from your common practice. Remember to sleep a lot and have a lot of rest. Avoid situations that irritate you, you won't deal with stress well. Also avoid being bored; you need something you like to. Avoid smokers even they are your friends. Keep a lot of water and herbal ice tea on hand, drinking helps to flush the nicotine out of your body faster.

Always remember that while you are on quitting smoking process you (as nicotine addict) are only one cigarette away from relapse. 3 minutes are enough to let craving fade away, so if decide that you are loosing your battle give yourself 3-5 minutes before you will light up another cigarette. Everyone has great opportunity to realize that there is no need for cigarette in these minutes.