Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting Smoking Cold TurkeyOne of the most popular and famous quitting smoking ways is quitting smoking cold turkey. The phrase "quit smoking cold turkey" is commonly understood to mean to quit smoking abruptly, without preparation, nor a gradual decrease in amount of smoked cigarettes. Most people also believe that quitting smoking cold turkey means to quit smoking without using any quit smoking aids such as nicotine gum or patches.

Quitting smoking cold turkey is probably the most popular, while maybe the most ineffective method for quitting. Quitting cold turkey can be very tricky due to the brutality of withdrawal symptoms the new exsmoker faces. If you do decide to quit smoking cold turkey, that does not mean you shouldn't at least have a plan. In fact, quitting smoking cold turkey method would be much more successful if smokers prepared ahead of time. You can increase your chances for quitting smoking for good with the cold turkey method if you follow a few quitting smoking tips:

- Have a plan. Choose a quit day. Get rid of lighters and ashtrays or anything that remind you of smoking. Inform your friends and family that you are going to quit and ask for their support.

- Understand that withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, intense craving for cigarettes, tiredness, headaches, insomnia and more, may be intense, but they will lessen after just a few days. If you can make it through the early days of quitting smoking cold turkey, it will get easier as time goes by.

- Inspire yourself. Make a list of all the quitting smoking reasons and keep it in your pocket. Look at it when you get depressed.

- Drink lots of water to help your body flush itself out quickly.

- Avoid alcohol and coffee. Stay away from anything that you may associate with lighting up.

- When cravings hit, close your eyes and count down from 10 to 0, very slowly. Breathe deeply with each count.

- Call a friend when you feel like reaching for a smoke. Divert your attention.

- Take a quick walk, even if it is just to the bathroom or mailbox.

Strong willpower is often associated with using cold turkey quitting smoking method. Experts say chances of success depend on several factors, not just a person's willpower. While having willpower is essential, finally your success depends on how badly you want to quit and whether or not you believe you can do it. If you want to quit more than you want to smoke, and you believe that you can quit, you will be successful.