Monday, July 9, 2007

How To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey for Good

When you think of quitting cold turkey style, do you think it is going to be hard? Well actually, it is not as bad as you think. Most smokers who quit smoking the cold turkey way have a better chance of quitting for good. There is no easy way to quit and there is no other way to quit. Smoking less does not mean you have quit smoking and that’s why other methods of quitting do not really work.

To really quit smoking cold turkey you will have to give it up all together and if means not hanging out with your friends on a Saturday night at the club then don’t The worse thing you can do is quit for a month then go out to a club see everyone smoking and get tempted to go back. Once you go back it gets harder and harder to stop. Each time you quit then go back, quitting the next time around isn’t the same because you know that its there and you can always go back to it.

However lucky for you there are many methods you can quit smoking cold turkey. The first cold turkey method is to quit and just eat or munch on things when you feel the need. And you can pick up a new hobby like painting or figure painting to kill time and stop you from thinking of smoking.

The next quit smoking cold turkey way is self-hypnosis, which is by listening to recordings that help to reprogram you mind while you sleep. It is a very popular method right now and it works really well. The cold turkey way is a lot better if you also have a hobby on the side.

The next cold turkey way is the nicotine patches that you use while you sleep and while at work or out. This cold turkey method is highly effective especially when your body starts craving for nicotine.

For optimal results you should combine all these quit smoking cold turkey methods together and you will notice the real difference when quitting. Last but not least, another popular quit smoking method is to see therapy or a quit smoking support group. Speaking with other smoking addicts who are quitting just like you can help you feel that you are not alone. You can also speak with people who have already quit and are there for your moral support.

Support groups will benefit you in the long term because if you’re thinking of smoking again in about 6 months visit your quit smoking support group and they’ll be able to advise you. So, quit smoking the cold turkey way is the most effective method and you can try doing it today or tomorrow it is really up to you.

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