Monday, August 13, 2007

Help a friend to quit smoking

Support a friend goal to stop smoking with enthusiasm and vigor. The power of a supportive family member or friend is amazing to anyone who is trying to quit smoking. Many people that are close to a smoker do not know how to encourage them without being a nag. Encouragement is a wonderful gift to your friend or family member and can easily be accomplished. You do not need special skills to encourage... You just need a kind heart and a willingness to listen.

It is important not to be overly focused on helping the person become smokeless. Instead, use encouraging words to let your friend or family member know that you are there for them if they need anything. Becoming smoke-free is a long and difficult process. Your job as the encourager is to help your friend forget about the mistakes or slip-ups and encourage all the progress they are making. Most smokers do have an occasional slip up, do not encourage a slip up but don’t berate your friend when one happens. Everyone is human and will make mistakes; it is what happens after the mistake that counts. Help your friend get back on track to reaching their non-smoking goal.

Nicotine and tobacco are very addictive substances that can take months or even years to truly get out of a person’s system. Even after quitting some smokers say they continue to have urges to start smoking again. Your loved one will welcome your continued support as they struggle to stay smoke-free. Help your friend or family member no matter how they have decided to quit smoking.

You do not have to be a counselor to be good at encouraging. Simply be there for your friend or family member as they struggle to quit smoking. Encourage them every moment you get and they will soon have control over their desire to stop smoking. Remember that every person is going to quit smoking in a different way, so be supportive of the way your friend has decided to quit smoking and do not judge them.

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