Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Change Your Mindset

Change Your MindsetIn the long run cold turkey is the easiest, quickest, least expensive and most effective technique of quitting smoking. It only takes 3 days before your blood becomes nicotine free and the symptoms of physical withdrawal reach their peak. There are over one billion ex-smokers on earth today and almost all of them quit cold turkey.

To quit smoking successfully using cold turkey method, simply ensure that you are changing your mindset while you are still smoking. You have to fall out of love with smoking, you have to know why it is a bad habit, you have to know why you do not need it, and you have to know why it is not a part of you. You need to answer all these questions to quit the habit for good, and ensure that being an ex-smoker isn't a day-to-day battle for the years to come.

Do not debate with yourself how much you want a "cigarette." You don't crave a cigarette any more than the heroin addict craves a needle. The cigarette and needle are simply drug delivery devices. What you want is the drug inside. Be honest! Truly, see yourself as "addicted to nicotine" because you are! Just one puff and you will either immediately or shortly thereafter experience full and complete relapse back to your prior level of nicotine use or higher. Do not look at it as taking just "one" puff, look at it as taking all nicotine addiction back.

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