Monday, September 15, 2008

Relapse Experience

Relapse ExperienceMany smokers try to quit without any preparation and education on quit smoking issue. They try just to "NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF". This is route to nowhere. You need to change your attitude to smoking at first. If nicotine addiction secure itself in yours mind, you have no chance to success. If you still thinking that smoking is pleasure or help you to relax or to concentrate, it will be too hard for you to stay smoke free.

Let us talk about relapse experience. You had some cigarettes while quitting and no withdrawal symptoms after it. This is not strange - you just did not get what you think you should get from these cigarettes - pleasure. It was disgusting experience instead of pleasure expected. The key moment is that somewhere inside you, your soul is waiting for some joy and pleasure from smoking. You should say STOP to these feelings. Smoking will never give you any value. If you know it for sure, you will never have reason to check this out with one, two cigarettes or even the pack.

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